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Limited company dissolved PAYE still owing

Limited company dissolved PAYE still owing

My limited company was dissolved in January this year owing a net £4,000 in PAYE on my salary as a director of the company. The company has suffered serious losses since 2007 when a co-director of mine, in another limited company run equally, ripped me off on expenses, unpaid salary, partly unpaid share buy out and fees for work done on its client's accounts and its own accounts and the accounts and tax returns of my co-director. I have taken on some of my company's debts personally and am hoping to sue my ex co-director for some of the monies he ripped me off for. Must I personally pay the HMRC its PAYE and if not would they chase me for the debt or would they overturn the dissolution of my company?


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13th May 2012 20:45

Yes, Yes & probably, No

Yes, Yes - as you as a director have failed to pay over the PAYE due by your company on your salary, HMRC are entitled to lift the veil of limited liability and pursue you personally for the PAYE due on your own salary.

probably, No - as they can demand the PAYE from you personally, why would they bother to restore the company, particularly when it was presumably insolvent?

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