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Limited company moving to Scotland

Limited company is moving to Scotland

I act for a limited company and the director has decided to move to Scotland and undertake his consultancy business from there.

I tried to enter the new address as the registered office but as it was an England and Wales company it needed an address in U.K.

I now have a UK address ( his relative) but are  there any complications I should be aware of?

I presume it ok to continue as a U.K. Company?

I am aware there may well be issues as to residence under personal taxation..

Many thanks


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22nd Sep 2017 10:30

There's no such thing as a "UK company"

An E+W company needs an address in E+W. Scotland or Norn Iron will not do.

You need an accommodation address or a new company.

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to lionofludesch
22nd Sep 2017 11:20

I did clearly state I have now obtained an address in England for the company.

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to mikeyban
22nd Sep 2017 11:44

OK - well, you said UK but I'll take the point.

As long as the relative at the registered office passes on the mail efficiently, you should have no problems.

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to lionofludesch
22nd Sep 2017 12:00

Thank you for your help.

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By Ruddles
22nd Sep 2017 10:48

Did I miss IndyRef2?

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22nd Sep 2017 16:04

I assume the relative is aware that if anything goes wrong with the company they will get bailiffs/debt collectors/HMRC knocking at their door. The client is better off seeking an accommodation address

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to bernard michael
22nd Sep 2017 16:13

A Scottish company would be the best answer for me - albeit with my incomplete knowledge of the facts.

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to lionofludesch
22nd Sep 2017 20:13

And given the way the tax system is going up here a Scottish accountant.

My father's law firm had correspondent firms in England and Ireland, for cross border work, maybe in a few years time the same will be required for accountants.

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