Limited company sign off and work papers

What documents do you ask clients to sign off with the accounts?

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I'm interested to know what other practices ask clients to sign off at the end of a limited company accounts job.

I think we do too much and trying to get them to cut down - it can include full accounts, filing accounts, CT600, CT comp, board minutes, LOR, remuneration certificate, directors loan account (even if nil), inter company loan account (if applic).

Also, what accounts working paper system do others use & can recommend - we use a paper based planning and sign off section and also ask all limited co clients to sign an audit exemption letter.  Are we the only ones that do this?


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By Truthsayer
29th Mar 2023 10:12

The only things I normally get them to sign are the full accounts and CT600.

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By darren.austin
29th Mar 2023 10:21

We go with full accounts, filleted accounts, CT600 and LOR.

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Replying to darren.austin:
By Hugo Fair
29th Mar 2023 13:03

+1 (as default) = best balance between effort & protection.

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
29th Mar 2023 16:59

Hugo Fair wrote:

+1 (as default) = best balance between effort & protection.

+1 as default too. The audit exemption paragraph is in the LOR

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By Roland195
29th Mar 2023 10:24

I cannot claim to understand how firms who freely admit to having produced board minutes/dividend warrants retrospectively somehow feel they are covering themselves by evidencing on their own files.

Assuming that these are non audit engagements for Owner Managed Companies, I cannot imagine a Letter Of Rep means much either.

The signing of Director's Loans/Inter Company Loans is probably unusual practice but could be sensible enough based on the client base.

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By adam.arca
29th Mar 2023 12:45

I will occasionally ask clients to confirm representations, director loan and inter company balances. When I have to do this, I will often short cut the process by putting all of that in one doc.

But 9 times out of 10, or more, simply the full accounts and CTR as per Truthsayer.

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By paulwakefield1
30th Mar 2023 08:02

I will ask for a LOR where the accounts are heavily dependent on directors' estimates and information.

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