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Line 50 & Instant

Line 50 & Instant

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I intend to run Sage Line 50 and Instant on my Laptop for when I visit clients. However, I have heard that Line 50 will disrupt instant if they are both installed on one laptop. How can I overcome this problem?

Ken Brockbank

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By Stewart Twynham
15th Nov 2004 10:33

Virtual PC

Another option, particularly if you are wanting to run "very" incompatible products in the future, is to use something called "Virtual PC" from Microsoft which should set you back around £100, plus you'll need plenty of RAM.

It's extremely easy to install and lets you run multiple "virtual" machines as a window under Windows 2000 Pro / XP Pro / Windows 2003.

Because the "virtual machines" are completely separate (although you can drag and drop between them and share using networking) - anything you do on one can't disrupt the other.

Virtual machines can be almost any operating system from DOS / Windows 95 to 2003. On my XP laptop I've even got a copy of Windows 2003 Server / Microsoft Exchange / SQL Server Enterprise & Exact Globe 2003 all running in a window!

Using Windows 98 as the "virtual" O/S should be fine for your requirements and not demand too much of your laptop's resources!

Stewart Twynham
[email protected]

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By Abacjm
12th Nov 2004 01:53

Sage Instant v Line 50
if you really want to ensure that they do not get mixed up, I would consider partitioning your hard drive on your laptop. Acronis Partition Expert will do this for you even if you already have stuff on your hard drive. Excellent prog that came free with the DVD version of Windows XP magazine, some months ago. You should be able to get hold of it via the web-site.
You can then put Sage Lne 50 into a separate partition.

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By Anonymous
10th Nov 2004 11:15

Sage & Instant
I have already set this up with no problem.

You need to make sure that when you install the software they go into different directories. So for instance let Line50 install to its default, then change Instant to something like sage2.

The only minor problem is you cannot run both programmes at the same time.

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