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LinkedIn VAT Claim / EU reverse charge

How to process

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If you're charged VAT by LinkedIn as you haven't yet provided your VAT no. to prevent the charge - you can then claim the VAT.

As the invoice has gone through as a non-vatable purchase, it has included the vat - my question would be how would you / would you include the transaction on your EU reverse charge workings for your VAT return- would you either not include the values, include the values less vat, or other (if so what).

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By accountantccole
24th Jan 2020 14:17

If you have been charged (Irish?) VAT and they won't issue a credit note and reissue, you have been charged gross - I wouldn't bother trying to show it as a reverse charge as they have already accounted for VAT in Ireland. Just show the gross cost?

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By paul.benny
24th Jan 2020 16:23

You can, in principle, recover the foreign VAT suffered - see

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