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Linking 2 HMRC Agent Accounts? VAT has migrated!

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A couple of years ago, like all agents, I had to open an HMRC Agent Services Account to sign clients up for MTD VAT Returns in addition to the Agent Account I already had.  I've never fully understood how this works and in my second account it doesn't show any services.

Today I tried to file a September VAT Return, through my original Agent account, but have been signed out saying something like 'VAT IT has migrated to your Agent Services Account'.  However there are no clients and no services showing within this account.

How do you link the two different HMRC Agent accounts?  Surely there is something in there to link my existing VAT clients to my Agent Services Accounts?

I already have a VAT code for authorising clients within my original account; are they going to send me a second code if I request one through the secont Agent Services Account?

The advice/instructions on this seem non existent and I really can't face hours on the telephone to their helplines! :(

Has anyone else managed to resolve this issue?  If you haven't filed any September VAT Returns (not MTD) yet, then you may like to see what's happening in your Agent Account.

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By kenny achampong
05th Oct 2021 14:47

Are you trying to file a VAT under the old system ? If so, it just logs you out for no reason, and you go back to the log in screen. But we found out, purely by chance, if you then immediately log back in using the ASA number, and your clients VAT number, you go into this new weird netherworld of neither MTD or old VAT where you can file a return, but only after telling them that you are honest.

So we now have to use three different systems for filing VAT returns, one of which is now nearly defunct and one is hidden. Well done HMRC. Tax needn't be taxing.

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Replying to kenny achampong:
By SXGuy
05th Oct 2021 17:52

Well no, you could get with the times and use software to file electronically or use a bridging module.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By anniem
05th Oct 2021 18:42

Why so rude?

I do use software for filing some, but not all VAT returns, it's not absolutely necessary for anything under £85,000 turnover and also it's personal choice.

I didn't just want to file a VAT Return anyway!

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