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Live election chat at 12.45pm

Live election chat at 12.45pm

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Morning all - we're holding a live chat at 12.45pm with Della Hudson, John Caldicott from IRIS, Norman Younger of Formations Direct and more. 

There will also be panels including the ICAEW's Clive Lewis and some small business experts and entrepreneurs, in collaboration with our sister site BusinessZone. 

If you're around then, you're all very welcome to join in. Just go to the page and type your responses in the chat box (quite like a chat room). 

If not, we're opening the chat again at around 9.30pm and will be chatting through the night, with panellists from Giles Mooney of TaxTV to our tax writer Rebecca Cave, and us eds of course. 

Would love to see you on there - and remember, don't waste your vote today! 


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07th May 2015 12:14

I would

but I'm heading to Pico's for lunch.

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07th May 2015 12:49

Join in at 9.30pm then! Or when you are back! 

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07th May 2015 12:50

are we runnung a predications section

On what combination of government we will have.

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07th May 2015 12:56




Come and chat Glennzy, it's live now - would love to hear your views


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07th May 2015 14:21

I would but....

I have a life (of sorts)

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07th May 2015 14:24

Does life continue past 9.30pm? :) 

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07th May 2015 14:45

Especially after 9.30pm...

there are so many things you can get up to but, I have to say, talking about the election, is not on the list, maybe I'm weird but after all these weeks of enthralling debates and deep thinking, the excitement would probably be too much for me.

Nice try though Rachael ;)


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08th May 2015 17:30

Did I miss anything exciting?

Life continues, despite the suits.

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12th May 2015 10:38

It was a good debate Paul! See you at Accountex, perhaps?

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