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How do we process payroll for someone who lives & works at a factory in Poland but occassionally comes to work in the UK he has a NT tax code for the purposes of payroll whilst working in Poland & has given us details of when he is working in the uk but our payrollm sortware doesn't cater for this sinario. Is this something his accountant would process at the end of the financial year?

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By FactChecker
25th Apr 2024 20:57

Not enough info to be clear and, of course, no idea what the capabilities are of your chosen Payroll software. But a fairly obvious thought ...

* Do you consider the work done by this person based in Poland to be the same Employment as when that person does some work based in the UK?
[This in itself has nothing to do with the Employer being the same in the two scenarios, or the 'coincidence' that the same individual is performing the different jobs - obviously not at the same time.]

So a possibility (I put it no more strongly than that) may be to create 2 Employment records for this individual on that ER's Payroll ... those Employments can run concurrently (as effectively one person hold two jobs with one employer).
IF that is viable (according to the detailed real world circumstances and is within the functionality of the software), then each Employment will operate under its relevant PAYE parameters - and each will be reported separately under RTI (including any weeks or months when one or other of the Employments may have no pay).

NOTE: I'm having to make massive assumptions - such as that the work in Poland is for the same UK ER (which if not the case obviously changes everything above).

"Is this something his accountant would process at the end of the financial year?"
Not IF there is any UK pay under PAYE (which must be reported under RTI).

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