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LLP signature requirements - personal or LLP name?

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I am a senior employee (but not a member) of an LLP and have been delegated the right to sign contracts, engagement agreements etc. on behalf of the LLP. One point I cannot find clarified anywhere: when should one sign ones own name (i.e. [personal signature], Name, On behalf of X LLP), and when should one sign the name of the partnership (i.e. [LLP signature], X LLP)? There seems to be varying practice.

For clarity, this is only for simple contracts and not deeds.

Many thanks

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By Tax Dragon
09th May 2019 21:59

Out of interest, why did you choose an accounting forum as the one to join to ask that question?

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By jimmycta
09th May 2019 22:18

I chose to join the accountancy forum as a useful resource (see also the threads to which I have responded to others’ questions). I also had the above question, relating to an LLP that is an accountancy firm, so it made sense to canvas opinion from other accounting professionals.

Thank you for your most exceedingly helpful response.

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By johnhemming
10th May 2019 07:00

I am neither an accountant nor a lawyer, but I am unaware of any procedures that require a signature to be any particular form of words, in any particular script or indeed legible (in the sense of having any meaning).

People who are illiterate often make a mark of an X, but I don't think it has to be an X. I have seen valid election nomination papers signed in the UK using the arabic script (which I can read badly) and the punjabi script (which I cannot read).

Hence I don't think it actually matters.

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