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Loaan interest on house boats

Is loan interest allowable for house boats

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I have a client who is looking to buy house boats to rent out as perminent residences not holiday lets, while allowances for mortgage interest on buy to lets is restricted to 20% would the same restrictions apply to loans to buy house boats as they are classed as a vessel and not a house.  I would welcome opinions on this, my view is since they are a vessel and since they can be moved then even if they are used as a home they would not fall under the same rules as buy to lets when is comes to allowing the mortgage/loan interest.    

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By Accountant A
25th Jul 2019 00:28

What does the legislation say? That's the test.

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By Vile Nortin Naipaan
25th Jul 2019 11:47

So people will be living in these house boats perminently?

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Replying to Vile Nortin Naipaan:
By Wilson Philips
25th Jul 2019 11:51

How did you ever pass your CIOT exams with spelling like that?

Oops - I've just re-read the original question, properly this time.

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