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I haven’t had very much time to browse Accounting Web lately because I’ve been in and out of the office for one reason or another. I thought I’d have a catch up on some discussions in Any Answers this morning. I find the constant requirement to click ‘load more’ over and over again very frustrating. To add insult to injury if you happen to click back in a discussion it brings you right back to the top of the page, where once again you need to click ‘load more’ over and over again. Is it just me or does this drive others crazy too? The issue was raised some time ago but it still hasn’t been addressed. Come on Accounting Web! Grrrrrrrr!

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By pauld
29th Mar 2017 12:28

Tom where are you?

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Replying to pauld:
Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
29th Mar 2017 13:56

Right here pauld :-)

@Slim Freddie Thanks for the post. I can't remember this being raised before, but that's by no means a reliable indicator...

Either way, I'll raise it with our development team and see what can be done.

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By Moonbeam
29th Mar 2017 12:35

It's probably a very good reason for so many of us not visiting the site as frequently as we used to. I used to lurk at least 3 times a day. Now I only visit a few times a month.

The sadness for me is the loss of all those really technical discussions, plus amusing ones and of course the loss of so many talented people to converse with.

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By Slim Freddie
29th Mar 2017 16:04

Thanks Tom!

At least you're responding. I find it very annoying as I like to browse through what I've missed if I've being away for a while.

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