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Evening all

In this current day of the banks paying significant sums of interest on balances in current and deposit accounts (!) I was wondering what to do.

In short, was discussing this with a client today who banks with HSBC and has £500k in then bank earning "not a lot"

They have asked me what I think the best bank to "stick £200k in" as he put it, would be so that he could earn more interest.

(before we all start considering tax planning/profit extraction/dividends or other yes we have been through all of that and done that bit - he just wants to leave the money in and earn some intererest - however small!)

Any specific accounts you know of?

Thanks all!


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21st Sep 2012 10:51

good old money supermarket.com!!!

good place to start??

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21st Sep 2012 14:26

Bank robbers

Probably a 90 day account at the local buildinf society.


For Gods sake do NOT do it through the bank. Our client was "advised" by HSBC to invest some money in an account which would make him about £4k a year ........... their fee for setting this up?  £4k. 




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21st Sep 2012 16:10


Santander 1 year bonds tend to have the best rates on the market for money trapped in the company longer term.

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21st Sep 2012 17:11


Beware the FSCS limit - £85,000.

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