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Loan to Employee/shareholder who is not a Director

Loan to Employee and shareholder who is not a Director

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I am trying to understand the rules for Directors loan and who this should be reported against. 

A family business which is a close company is taking a directors loan for the main director and a second loan for the wife who is a employee and shareholder.  

From the company point of view it is clear the S455 applies to both loans

However from a personal point of view as the wife is not a director, does her loan get reported against the director her husband as she is receiving the loan as a connected person to him. 

Or would the loan get reported in her own P11D?  I am trying to find some legislation to state the correct treatment. 

I am unclear if the wife's loan as an employee and shareholder still gets reported against her personally or will both loans go on the directors P11D.   

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By Wilson Philips
27th Feb 2019 15:50

As she is an employee, the presumption is that she is obtaining the loan by reason of her own, and nobody else's, employment.

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