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Location & Class in QB Online vs Project

the differences between these to determine which to use

I'm new to my company and looking to set up Locations & Classes or Projects in QB online in order to better analyse data. The company is a membership organisation, providing membership services but also runs events and projects. I want to run reports to understand the P&L for each event / income stream vs budget and ideally see the related BS to see debtors relating to that event, unbilled income, accrued expenses etc. 

From what I've read online I could set up Locations for Membership, Events, Publication and then Classes for each event, publication or training course. Would I be better to use Projects? I can't find any detailed information on the difference between them in terms of what each cateogory allows you to track. There must be a diofference or QB would not have created Projects. Can anyone help? I can't find anything useful in the QB online help section.


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14th Mar 2019 10:13

I can help you...PM me

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