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Can anyone remind me of the dates

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I am struggling with obtaining exact lockdown dates for pubs and getting myself in a right pickle. Can anybody remind me of the dates as well as when the substantial meal rule ceased. This is all to do with a VAT inspection of a wet led pub that could not provide meals ... however I also need to confirm all lockdown dates

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By Jason Croke
07th Nov 2022 13:34

The substantial meal rule was based on regions/tiers so it depends where the pub was located and what Tier it fell into.

The rules came in 02 December 2020 and the substantial meal rules ended sometime around April 2021 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-response-spring-2021...

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By nrw2
07th Nov 2022 13:56

Flockdown starts today, if that's any help...


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Replying to nrw2:
By Jason Croke
07th Nov 2022 14:05

Substantial meal rules was about whether or not a Scotch egg was sufficient to be classified as a meal.

Your link refers to Turkeys in Cornwall and Devon, these eggs would not be Scottish as a matter of geography and therefore does not help the OP.

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