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Long Delay in Dealing with Repayment

HMRC Delays

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On 8 August 2021 I telephoned HMRC to chase a refund which they acknowledged as received but for some unknown reson had not been processed. HMRC agreed to process it but it could take up to 8 weeks.

I today received a letter from HMRC apologising for the delay and confirmimg that they are now dealing with the repayment.

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By Leywood
23rd May 2022 14:12

Ah but how long with you actually have to wait to get the money. ‘Dealing with’ tells you nothing.

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Replying to Leywood:
By vinylnobbynobbs
23rd May 2022 14:23

Leywood wrote:

Ah but how long with you actually have to wait to get the money. ‘Dealing with’ tells you nothing.

How very true
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By Crouchy
23rd May 2022 14:42

we've still got a couple dtaing back to 2019 which havent been repaid yet

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By Dougscott
23rd May 2022 15:58

Make a formal complaint and say you are going to claim compensation for the delay - that usually speeds them up.

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Replying to Dougscott:
By jcurran
24th May 2022 17:04

How to you usual make a formal complaint - letter or telephone call?

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By stepurhan
23rd May 2022 17:35

Had a client with 30 day CGT return. Despite the fact that the nature of the return means the calculation will always have an element of estimation to it, it had to be paid within 30 days.

When the income tax return was prepared, it showed a slight overpayment of CGT. Submitting the income tax return with detail of what was paid was not enough to trigger a repayment. Chasing on the agent dedicated line took repeated calls to get someone that knew a separate claim needed to be made. Default repayment time from this claim being made, which they failed to meet, 13 weeks!

I wish I still found the hypocrisy of this amazing.

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By Open all hours
23rd May 2022 18:38

Two VAT registrations. 10minutes and 11 seconds apart on 4/4/22. One processed in two days. The other I chased last week, was bluntly told that as 8 weeks had not yet passed I should not waste their time.

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Replying to Open all hours:
By DKB-Sheffield
23rd May 2022 18:53

Perhaps suggest the client claim compensation for the cost of reissuing all invoices once the VAT number is known? 8 weeks will - almost always - be beyond the required effective date under compulsory registration!

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By Matrix
23rd May 2022 20:10

I received details of a VAT compliance check today and the first deadline is 31 May (6 working days).

Ironically for the same client HMRC have advised a lead time of 12 months to transfer the VAT registration.

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