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Long term subcontractor requires accomodation

Subcontractor accomodation - taxation

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Long term subcontractor requires accomodation, if i rented a property would this be subject to any company taxation or would it be more tax efficient if he arranged and invoiced me at cost.



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By Wilson Philips
18th Feb 2020 23:24

If he’s a genuine subcontractor then his accomodation (sic) is his problem.

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By JoF
18th Feb 2020 23:34

Surely a question for your Accountant? What does he/she suggest?

Don't listen to your mate down the pub.

Why would you provide accommodation for subbie?

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By lionofludesch
19th Feb 2020 08:16

Is this a CIS subcontractor ?

He'll need tax deducting from anything you pay him.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By Wilson Philips
19th Feb 2020 09:40

I know what you mean, but not necessarily from ‘anything’.

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