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Look-up of documents directly from Sage. How important is it?

Look-up of documents directly from Sage. How...

Currently in the process of redesigning PaperLess Document Management software  would like to ask for the input of accountants and finance professionals on what they consider to be some of the most important features that a document management software should offer. In this sense we would like to know to what extent do you think the possibility to have documents directly linked to transactions in Sage and accessible through a simple look-up is important when developing a document management software that integrates with Sage. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback, we count on it to improve PaperLess software even more. 


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By DMGbus
24th Feb 2016 15:11

Important - eg. Receiptbank/Xero

When I review a client's Xero accounting records, be it for reviewing general reliability accuracy on a monthly basis or VAT quarterly it is enormously helpful to have a fast link to the original source document.

The same would apply if I was reviewing Sage data for a client.

Today's ReceiptBank error quickly identifiable was a tram ticket (Edinburgh) coded by ReceiptBank to IT consumables with VAT recovery when in reality it was a zero rated travel cost.

As a general rule I regard ReceiptBank's service unreliable when it comes to coding and VAT claims hence the need to have a quick link to the original document.


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