Looking at Iris / Iplicit / Intacct as an FMS

I work in Education and I'm looking at Iris Functionality as an FMS

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I work in a MAT and am looking and weighing up different FMS, one in particular is Iris but they don't seem to have a lot of automated functionality compared to Sage Intacct. Also looking at iplicit. Does anyone who have used the systems know what the differences are for me to consider that I may have missed?

Any help is hugely appreciated :-) 

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By Paul Crowley
20th Mar 2024 16:05

You would be better off asking Education colleagues what they find useful.
Most of are accountants in practice. Different needs.
Burt if Tom replies, trust his opinion

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By tom123
20th Mar 2024 16:27

Hi MelxPie - would you like to DM me?

I am changing software as we speak - and am happy to share what we are doing.
Reason for DM rather than public is I need to warn you dramatically off the hopeless software I am binning..

We are changing to Iris, as they have very good market share. We are four schools now, but have also spoken to trusts with 30 schools who still rate it.

FMS is a piece of legacy software from the local authority days.

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Replying to tom123:
John Toon
By John Toon
21st Mar 2024 11:08

I'm happy to out them for you ;) After all they like to speak about their market share which is surely a reflection of their incredibly effective sales process (even if it's far from product reality) or poor buying decisions by the sector...

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John Toon
By John Toon
21st Mar 2024 11:02

If you want the latest technology I'd highly recommend XfE. iPlicit are also great and Intaact is a capable product, although not designed/tailored specifically for the market.

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By SkyBlue22
21st Mar 2024 16:45

I audit academies and a very popular one at the moment is Access. I presume by Iris you mean what used be PSF - as an auditor I like that system a lot (but then I don't have to use it everyday!). Sage I am less a fan of, particularly consolidation seems a bit clunky.

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