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Hi All,

I am a fellow of the ACCA and have been unemployed since December. Did a 4 month contract in my last job and wanted it to go further but sadly it didn't. It was easily the best job I have ever had and I got it myself (not through an agency)

The current cycle I have is

1) Get a job for x months

2) Become unemployed for 3 months or longer and basically take any job I am offered due to feelings of depression and worthlessness. 99% of the time this is through an agency as I am applying on job boards like Linkedin and Totaljobs. I am finding that most jobs there are controlled by agencies.

3) Go back to step one

The issue I have is I would like some stability and would like to break this cycle. I have rapport with agents and often they can get me an interview. In general, during the interview the client says can you start Monday and I get the job. This happened often during Covid.

I am not even getting that currently. If anyone has any advice on my situation then I welcome advice



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By tom123
15th Mar 2024 12:35

Is there a reason why you are not ending up with interviews for permanent jobs? Ageism at play? What sector are you in that has these short term roles?

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By paul.benny
15th Mar 2024 13:13

I sympathise with your plight. A few thoughts from experience

- most jobs are through agencies. It does pay off to get to know a few people well rather than spreading yourself across them all. In general, if the agency you're working with now has received good feedback, they'll place you again with confidence.

- what does your CV look like? I've seen many terrible ones that give a very poor account of candidates experience. Is there any support on CV review and interview technique you can get via ACCA? CABA for ICAEW members provides great support. Showing lots of gaps doesn't look good - simply close them up by giving less detail on dates.

- be realistic. If you've been doing a series of interim jobs, you'll be seen as a career contractor. That's really hard to break, so lean into it, and go for contractor jobs. And are you realistic about the seniority/salary/sector?

- you don't mention GAAPWeb - I think that's still best for accounting jobs. Also LinkedIn. I've had a good few cold approaches on the back of that

These are questions and suggestions for you - we don't need your answers to these. And to be hard on you, if they are "Yes But" answers, they may be wrong.

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By B Roberts
15th Mar 2024 13:57

Just a couple of thoughts in addition to the previous comments.

From what I have seen, when accountants take a couple of short-term roles they are then pigeon holed for those type of contracts (and the agencies you are speaking with - or specifically the consultants - are those that look after these type of vacancies).

Are there permanent roles in your area?

Have you looked at longer-term contract roles (eg. maternity cover is likely to be 12m + from experience the person on mat leave rarely returns full-time, so there may be further opportunities).

Are you financially able to focus on permanent / 12m+ contracts and wait a few months until something comes along?

Sorry to state the obvious, but in this position then getting a job is your job - something you need to work on/at all day/every day, and part of that is having a positive mindset (both for yourself, and also when speaking with agencies or attending interviews) - I know that it isn't easy, but also focusing on mindfulness etc. may also be a help?

Good luck.

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