Looking for CT software advice pls

TaxFiler unable to deal with multi-faceted case

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Looking for advice please on a CT software product that will deal with separate commercial trade, Film Tax Credit claims and Group Relief in a single company thats part of a group. As ever, "it's with the developers" is the response from TaxFiler.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

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By Michael Beaver
26th Apr 2022 16:53

TaxCalc can handle both and isn't too expensive.

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By Max Maxwell
26th Apr 2022 16:59

michaelbeaver wrote:

TaxCalc can handle both and isn't too expensive.


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By DKB-Sheffield
26th Apr 2022 17:40

Another 'tick' for Taxcalc. I run both (Taxfiler and Taxcalc). Taxfiler for most, Taxcalc for the odd 'non standard' client.

Taxfiler's 'in development' comment should perhaps be paraphrased by... "Why should we develop a product that suits all scenarios when we have Iris, Keytime etc."

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By clive.farquhar
26th Apr 2022 18:34

Thanks, sounds like the way to go, and I echo your sentiments!

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