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Looking for laptop recommendation

I need to replace my laptop

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I am looking for a laptop  to replace my current one. I have a macbook air 128gb which is 1 year old , this was my first mac, i was intending to store all my docs on the cloud , hence the choice of 128gb, this has not gone as planned . Recently i started having problem with storage although most files are on google drive.  looking through my mac storage , there is a huge amount of space called "others" which i cant figure out what is taking up such large space , the only software installed are Moneysoft  and VT using Virtal office limited to 17gb. I have watched lots of youtube videos on this problem with no success , so to save me more troubles , I have decided to go back to microsoft (with a bit of regret). I am now looking for something that works in the world of microsoft, i have bought 2 HP computers  in the last month which i had to return  due to the fan being very annoying. What do others use for their day to day work? i dont mind spending a bit , as long as it works . 

initial specs would be SSD storage ,   anythig above 256gb etc ,  screen between 13 to 14 inches , 

Thanks in advance  

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By adf2410
16th Feb 2020 21:19

I am a very happy mac user, using Parallels to host Windows, so that I can use VT and a more stable/functional excel when necessary. Most of the time, I work in the mac environment.

Why don't you try to find someone in your local area who is really good with computers (macs especially) to help you to deal with the current problems you've got, rather than just buying a new computer?

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By In a Daze
16th Feb 2020 23:09

I have a Microsoft Surface excellent bit of kit.

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Replying to In a Daze:
By Swandan83
17th Feb 2020 09:27

I totally agree - the Surface is really good and does everything you need from a laptop.

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Hallerud at Easter
17th Feb 2020 09:58

My Toshiba Satellite has bumped its way through quite a few years of meetings/ a fair few trips overseas since purchased in 2013, and whilst now on its last legs provided valiant service until I packed up practice last year.

I did buy a lightweight replacement for it a couple of years ago but never really took to it, the heavy Toshiba (now in a very dirty white) has been the longest lived regular use laptop I have ever owned.

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By kiwilondon99
17th Feb 2020 11:07

just bought win10 -online @ a reputable store - a replacement A**R extensa - to replace my previous A**r - and am most dissapointed SSD drive lightening quick though

the numeric keypad keys are smaller &" +" and enter keys tiny with "+" key in an odd place. most disappointed. already input errros/ fat finger etc, so not working well. will need a usb keypad now - which would utilise one of the USB ports + need to be lugged around [ defeating portable usability]
Also basic keys are smaller + fat finger typing is so easy !!!

old machine 6 years+ had a great integral numeric keyboard/pad + easy typing ordinary keys
both machines @ 15.6 and big dimensions - so thought i'd get similar keys with the replacement. NOT SO

so review carefuly !!!!!

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By Payroll Pete
17th Feb 2020 12:32

Has anyone tried Chromebooks.

I bought one for the mrs a few years back as all she wanted was email, google, streaming etc. - cheap, performs well and doesn't make too much noise (the chromebook I mean).

I was thinking of moving to one of those as my main processor (multiple monitors maybe an issue I need to resolve) then used RDP to access my virtual desktop where any windows applications are installed.

When I can get one that supports 3 (minimum 2) monitors I'm going to switch over to that and use my windows laptop as my virtual desktop, and when comfortable start moving all those windows apps to the cloud.

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Replying to Payroll Pete:
By 0098087
20th Feb 2020 12:48

So how does RDP work. I work with VT which is windows based.

How would it work if say i had a MAC and didn't want to run parallels. Where would VT and the date be hosted.

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20th Feb 2020 11:24

I know Macs are often difficult to upgrade, but why not get as local computer store to just install a larger disk, or buy a 1 TB external SSD and use that for all your storage, whilst keeping the 128 GB internal hard drive as the startup disk? Much easier than buying a new computer.

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By Malcolm McFarlin
20th Feb 2020 11:33

Happy with Microsoft Surface

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
20th Feb 2020 11:56

Your issue seems more of a system backup issue as opposed to hardwear.

Have you not considered getting some IT support as that more than likely sort it all out for you once and for all.

The cost is not great these days a few £ per month per PC but worth its weight when niggling issues like you have crop up.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By kiwilondon99
20th Feb 2020 14:32

who are people using for such cover + circa monthly/ pc laptop cost

@glen if you have a gr8 personal rec -pm me could also be interested

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
20th Feb 2020 12:36

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 metal chassis like the mac nice feel and good numeric keypad. I have been really happy with this laptop very fast, fingerprint entry. Backlit keyboard nice when working.
10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-10210U Processor (6MB Cache, up to 4.2 GHz)

Windows 10 64bit - Easy to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

Intel® UHD Graphics 620 with shared graphics memory

8GB,4Gx1 + 4G onboard, DDR4, 2666MHz

512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

Ports & Slots

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By pauljohnston
21st Feb 2020 13:02

It depends on how you operate. If you have a good desktop PC why not get a lightweight HP and use Microsofts Desktop Connection or a VPN to work on. Since changing to this set up from last year I am a convert.

You can use the laptop with wifi or a connection to your phoone and use 4g/3g from that.

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