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Looking for peer support group

I am a Finance Manager in a small organisation so don’t have other colleagues to bounce ideas with

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Previously worked in larger organisations where colleagues share ideas and update knowledge. Working in a small organisation without such support, l’m looking for a peer group network I could join. 

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By RaxJ
05th Oct 2020 08:28

Well using this any answers forum can help you get support. There are some excellent accountants on here who provide guidance and answers to complex queries. I know the feeling you are experiencing right now, as I was also in a very similar position as finance manager! That's industry for you, a lack of support from the business because they don't invest in functions that don't add value/make profit for the business!!

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By tom123
05th Oct 2020 09:03

You have come to the right place!

Whilst it may appear (and indeed is probably true) that a majority of posters are accountants in practice, there are a lot of us here in FD/FC type roles.

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By New To Accountancy
05th Oct 2020 09:34

Me too! I work on my own and I came from Finance (10 years) and I applaud your bravery for speaking up.

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Replying to New To Accountancy:
By Cheshire
05th Oct 2020 15:58

I get the sentiment, but, oh no, don't use the 'brave' word pleeease! Gets my goat enough when BBC newsreaders overuse that word ;-p

DD, just use this place, but don't just ask questions when they arise, join in, with the daft posts until you feel more confident, but then to help others. Read every post, you will learn lots that way, including how not to do lots of things.

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Replying to Cheshire:
By New To Accountancy
05th Oct 2020 16:34

Yes OK, I accept that. Courage probably would have been better? Doesn't seem right either really @DD 'I applause your '[email protected]' to do what you did '

- is what I really meant.

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By WhichTyler
05th Oct 2020 15:15

What industry are you in? Is there a specialist finance network for it?

A user group for the software you use?

Is there a local business network you can join?

Do you do any CPD with your professional body or elsewhere? It's harder when its on line, but if you meet interesting people there, keep in touch with them.

Nice people are often happy to give their advice, especially if you offer to reciprocate

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
05th Oct 2020 20:47

It can sometimes be a bit of a feeding frenzy here on Aweb.

You'll kind of work out who your friends (and foes) are. You've gone the correct route by stating up front "This is me, and here's what I specialise in". There's often very little quarter given for those who don't know absolutely everything about everything. Which is very much what John Cleese was getting at in his autobiography: until he went to Cambridge he believed he should know absolutely everything there was to know about history, maths, English grammar, and so on. Whereupon he met Graham Chapman, a doctor (almost) and future fellow Python, which made him realise it was ok to go persevere through life unversed in such matters.

Anyhow, good on you for reaching out. I too once had a commercial hat, so I do so that hope you find some fellow kindred spirits.

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