Looking for recommendations for HR assistance

Looking for consultant to help with various client matters that we can retain on an annual basis

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Any recommendations for a HR expert to throw queries at on an ad hoc basis

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By David Ex
07th Sep 2023 13:45

Not sure what you’re looking for. Is it an employment law or an employment taxes specialist? Seems odd if you’re an accountant offering employment law advice to clients. I assume I’m missing something.

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Replying to David Ex:
By EricO
07th Sep 2023 14:53

Hi David

I'm after ad hoc advice throughout the year when we get issues thrown up by client's whom we operate the payroll for - our bureau does the processing but it's for general queries we are looking for a HR adviser. It may be 1 query every month it may be several - we have a link up with a VAT consultant on a similar basis and it works well.

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By philrob
07th Sep 2023 13:59

There are lots of these businesses around. The trick is finding one worth the money, with a practical 'outcome focussed' mindset and with enough depth of experience that they can advise swiftly and accurately.

Look for businesses that have been trading for a number of years and have more than a couple of employees. Avoid anyone who provides 'insurance if you follow our handbook' and the big/national companies - in my experience they are wholly impractical for SMEs, inflexible, expensive and are unable to find innovative solutions when needed.

Location is relatively un-important given zoom and teams calls, however, if the brown stuff hits the fan you will want someone who can be physically present for meetings. Body language doesn't work on Zoom. So I would urge you to find a relatively local provider.

If you are a small business based in South Wales, South Midlands or the West Country then Pitstop HR ( https://www.pitstophr.co.uk ) are worth including in your shortlist. Disclosure - We have used them for policies/handbook stuff and the occasional bit of ad hoc 'If we were to...' type advice. We haven't needed anything too 'hands on' (thankfully) but I have had good reports from people who have used them for 'delicate' matters and mediation. They have a reputation for frankness, fairness and practicality.

They have a sister business aimed at larger companies, bespoke solutions, or things that are more complex.

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By tltodman
07th Sep 2023 14:43

ACAS have a free helpline which I've found useful on several occasions

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By Barbara G
07th Sep 2023 17:40

We use Croner Taxwise. In payroll department we from time to time get queries of an employment law nature from our clients. We can refer our clients on to Croner for a limited amount of free telephone advice. Don't know how much they charge though, that's not my area, but we find the facility in payroll department very worthwhile.

We can't use ACAS as we're from NI. We have the equivalent over here, The Labour Relations Agency, which is excellent and free. So if ACAS is similar would recommend that too.

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By Paul92
27th Sep 2023 09:26

Hi Eric, I work with a few business in a similar capacity that you are looking for, happy to have a chat if it’s still something that you need.

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