Looking for recommendations for training providers

I am looking for a cost effective online training provider relevant to a general practise.

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Who do you use for training these days that provide a cost effective programme for a small one (wo)man band practise? Got to keep up to date with relevant knowledge and CPD.

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By OldParkAcct
10th Nov 2020 15:11

I’ve used PTP online for many years, saves wasting time driving to a seminar and you can split the monthly courses into small sections to fit around your day. Think it costs about £200pa.
I used to attend the Mercia seminars in person, but it ends up being an expensive way to have a coffee with other accountants, in both the time and monetary cost.

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Replying to OldParkAcct:
By Di
10th Nov 2020 18:09

Thanks, I will have a look sounds a very reasonable fee

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By Moonbeam
10th Nov 2020 16:29

I'm running a small practice on my own. I switched to Mercia last year or maybe it was the year before. I'm very happy with the £35 a month charge for online only service.

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