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A client has asked me if I can recommend accounting software. I can’t remember the last time I was asked this, and I don’t push any particular software, so I don’t really have an opinion on any. I would like to be able to suggest a couple of products for him to have a look at.

The main tasks he wants to carry out are, issuing sales invoices whilst out and about, keeping a cashbook and preparing VAT returns. No payroll or stock. He wants to be able to access it from different devices, so I guess cloud based would be required. Also, I’d want to be able to extract data off it without having to buy a subscription myself.

Can anyone please suggest any packages that I can tell him to take a look at?



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By daniel_
06th Aug 2019 10:59

Xero, Quickbooks Online, FreeAgent, Sage Business Cloud are fine. All meet your criteria.

Have a look and see which you like the look of.

Personally I find Xero the best combination of easy for the client to use and easy for the accountant to get info / correct errors / make adjustments.

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By accountantccole
06th Aug 2019 11:28

What Daniel says
If they bank with Natwest they might get FreeAgent for free.
It doesn't allow balance sheet manipulation so if you have lots of loans etc it gets messy but it's simple for clients to use.

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By SamPayne
07th Aug 2019 10:16

I've been using BTCSoftware for a while and it's been great for my needs. Support is great and helpful, and I've heard they have been nominated for some accounting awards this year.

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By Aqilla Cloud Accounting
12th Aug 2019 09:32

You might want to take a look at Aqilla ( its a cloud based mid market ERP solution

You don't say what the size of your clients business is, so you may find many of the book keeping solutions mentioned are not suitable

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