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Clients spreadsheet based approach is creaking

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Hello all

I have a client whose company does one off projects for clients mainly in oil and gas. There are maybe a dozen or so regular customers, some UK, some abroad

The only employee is the director, but there are maybe 10 or so sub contractors who are regularly utilised.

Looking for a software that can help the client keep tabs on client communications, and manage projects from quote > purchase order > fulfill contract > invoice

Having looked around there are quite a few CRM softwares aimed at sales forces but havent spotted an all singing all dancing version that incorporates CRM with project management features?

Recently there was a five figure error in invoicing when soemthing from the agreed PO was omitted from the sales invoice - it is this kind of thing that means we need to consider something better

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By kestrepo
09th Feb 2024 12:08

There are loads of CRM with Project Management software solutions out there. I have recently used Causeway (https://www.causeway.com/) who provide "software solutions for the construction and infrastructure maintenance industries" - I have no affiliation with them other than being a recent user of their software. If it is any further help if I was starting out and looking for some this kind of software I would probably also ask my best customers what they use and use their response as a guide. This is on the basis that being compatible with your customer might have some useful side effects later down the line.

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By Kaylee100
09th Feb 2024 23:54

I had a client who was on Xero and they wanted something similar that fed in and subscribed to Scoro.

I don't know how successful it was as I retired, but initially they seemed quite pleased with it.

I recall some of the Scoro input was a bit iffy at first as they used some of the project managers to input. In the end that function moved to finance who understood things like VAT, coding etc

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