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Looking to expand my knowledge

Looking to expand my knowledge

As my pracitce is becoming slightly more established I am attracting some larger clients that are beginning to stretch some of my tax knowledge so I think I need to brush up on some things I haven't looked at for a while/possibly ever!  I am ACCA qualified and sat the advanced tax paper but that was a good few(!) years back so wasn't sure whether its worth looking at the ATT perhaps?  Or alternatively will reading through something like Tolleys Tax Wise I & II be more beneficial to me?  Or is there something else I should be looking at that has slipped under my radar.

Many thanks.


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28th Nov 2012 12:14

ATT may not be good enough for you

I found the ATT papers challenging when I sat them a year or so ago, because I didn't have the practical experience you will most definitely have. It is clear to me now that they really only scratch the surface for experienced (and even inexperienced) practitioners.

I am already worrying about how to get better educated and once I have worked my way through the 2 papers I didn't have to sit in ATT I will go on to buy BPP second hand text books and work books for CTA exams each 6 months and work my way through each subject. You might decide to actually sit the exams. CTA's have regularly advised student members to study Tolleys Tax Wise rigorously in order to pass the CTA exams.

Main reason I'm not contemplating CTA yet is I need much more practical experience at the lower level first and I don't want to spend the time cramming in all the info.

Let us know what you decide to do, as it will be useful for the rest of us!

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By thomas
28th Nov 2012 13:16

Im in the same position and I have signed up with Mercia to attend all their training courses in my area to brush up. Any really technical stuff I would contract to a tax specialist or avoid. I feel I need to learn enough to recognise what I can do well and what to refer on.

I think CTA would be more than I need.


Will be interested to read others replies


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to johnjenkins
28th Nov 2012 15:05

There are things!

thomas wrote:

I feel I need to learn enough to recognise what I can do well and what to refer on.

I think CTA would be more than I need.

There are things you know you know, and there are things you know you don't know, but the ones you have to worry about are the ones that you don't know you don't know.

Until I did CTA, I didn't realise just how much I didn't know.  I don't think that anyone that provides tax services can really say it's more than they need.  They need to have the best view possible of just what there is to be known in the field of tax, so that they're hopefully as aware as they possibly can be of all the things they don't know.

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14th Oct 2014 16:27

Tax knowledge in industry


I'm in a similar boat except that I work in industry. I passed my ACCA 10+ years ago and worked in audit before moving into industry. I have worked for a large blue chip for the last 5 years as their senior technical accounting advisor but this has meant that I have not had to do any tax related work (we have our own highly qualified tax specialists). I'm looking to move my career forwards and wanting to improve/refresh my tax knowledge so that, as I approach FD roles, I can do it knowing that I have some competancy in tax - as someone else said, knowing when to call the advisors.

Can anyone recommend a way forward or some training courses please

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