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Lost contact with a client

Lost contact with a client

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Hi all

Despite repeated attempts I am getting no response from one of my clients.  They already have an overdue Annual Return and have a self assessment return to complete too .  They are based over an hour away from me which is why I haven't dropped by.

I've called, left voicemails, texted, emailed, written and added them on Facebook so that I could send them a private message.  They accepted the friend request but didn't reply to my message.

What do I do now? 

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By claudialowe
06th Jan 2016 15:11


You are their accountant not their nursemaid.  If despite repeated attempts to contact them, they are ignoring you, for whatever reason, then that is their fault - tough love!!!!!

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By gerrysims
06th Jan 2016 15:13

Filing cabinet

Put the file in the drawer marked ex-clients. What more can you do, you're not their nanny.


SNAP Claudia

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By MissAccounting
06th Jan 2016 15:13

Stalking much?
Perhaps they are concerned you are stalking them?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By cheekychappy
06th Jan 2016 15:17


MissAccounting wrote:
Perhaps they are concerned you are stalking them?


Beat me to it.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
06th Jan 2016 15:28

There may be a reason..

I send my quarterly news letter to clients who I can see HMRC has me down on their books as being the agent and has been issued with a tax return. But that is all. I send for a couple of issues only. They know where to find me should they want me.

Its easy enough nowadays to see whether they are at the same address.

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By bernard michael
06th Jan 2016 15:46

You say they also have an Annual return overdue. Does that mean they trade through a limited company. If so where is the registered office because Cos House will send legal chasers and they'll soon contact you when the a/cs are overdue.

I agree with everybody else horses to water etc.

it makes you wonder who picks up these recalcitrants after January

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
06th Jan 2016 17:13


Id send a formal disengagement letter myself just to be safe.

Make is polite and to the point, and open the door for them to come back.

They may well be suffering depression or be ill themselves and appreciate your getting off their back.

Or just a dick who has gone elsewhere and is too much of a wimp to say so.

Hard to tell, but assume the former in your contacts.



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By puzzel
06th Jan 2016 17:49

@ireallyshould know

And recorded delivery.

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