Ltd Co ceased trading, do they need to send CT600

Does Company need to submit a CT600 as they have ceased trading halfway through the year

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A Limited Company client with a year end 31 August has decided to cease trading with effect from 31 March, and intends to seek striking off.  What do we need to submit to HMRC, Accounts 1 Sept 23 to 31 March 24 OR 1 Sept 23 to 31 Aug 24?  They have no CT liability as they have losses brought forward.  I just want to get it right and avoid HMRC objecting to the striking off.

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By stepurhan
16th Apr 2024 15:32

Unless you change the year end, you have to submit accounts based on the company's existing accounting year. Whether you change the year end is largely down to when your client wants to wrap things up. You cannot extend a year end more than six months so you cannot extend 31 August 2023 year end to 31 March 2024.

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By Novice Accountant
16th Apr 2024 15:53

We have already submitted the August 2023 Accounts/CT600. Can we just submit the Accounts from September 2023 to March 2024 on the CT600?

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Replying to Novice Accountant:
By Dougscott
16th Apr 2024 17:59

Yes if that's when you have notified Co Ho and HMRC that is when company stopper trading.

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Johny Fartpants Picture
By johnny fartpants
16th Apr 2024 18:04

You would need to shorten the accounting period first if you wanted to do this. Otherwise they would be rejected by HMRC as the accounting period ending date (31st March 2024) would be different to HMRC's records (August 31st 2024).

You can get HMRC to amend the accounting period end dates by calling the corporation tax helpline. Takes about two working days to get through then about three more working days for the change to show on the Government Gateway.

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By Novice Accountant
17th Apr 2024 10:37

Thank you. That is the information needed, so that I can get this sorted for the client and start the Strking Off procedure.

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