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Ltd company trading with sole trader director

Ltd company trading with sole trader director

My client sells services to B Ltd. 

B Ltd doesnt want to deal with my clients company for personal reasons.

So one of the directors provides the services on a sole trade basis and recharges the amounts back to my client.

What are the implications? 

Thanks in advance



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By imbs
10th Feb 2012 15:10

So B Ltd doesnt will only deal with your client personally rather than through your client's company.  I think the simplest thing to do is for your client to invoice B Limited via self employment. The director who actually does the service is effectively a supplier to your client so he would charge your client. The directors costs would just be treated as an expense of your clients self employment.

Does B Limited not mind that it wouldnt be your client providing the service personally?  Or perhaps he wont know.  Basically, as long as your clients name is on the invoice and not the company name, then B Ltd will be happy?

Strange set up

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10th Feb 2012 15:20

"Personal reasons"

What are the personal reasons?

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10th Feb 2012 15:47

I am confused by the question

Exactly who is your client?  The company, the director providing the self-employed services or another director?  Does B Ltd refuse to do business with the company because he objects to the director who is your client, but is happy to do business with a third party whom he does not realise is a director of the objectionable company?  Why would the director providing the service to B Ltd recharge the company - shouldn't it be the other way round?

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