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Macroeconomics - vastly increased govt expenditure

Anyone know of any informed discussions of the macro-economic implications of the 'new deal'?

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Just to be clear, I am NOT suggesting the Chancellor's business support package is a bad thing - but I am wondering where to look for informed expert discussion of the implications for the UK economy over the next few years of a sudden and vast increase in government spending & borrowing.

Anyone know where to find this discussion?


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By ruth.julian
21st Mar 2020 13:01

The Bank of England may have what you are looking for. The big banks' economists used to issue quarterly reviews on economic issues (I am going back a few years when I was a student). Also, London School of Economics may also be publishing discourse on the macroeconomic analysis of government's actions in response to covid-19.

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By whitevanman
21st Mar 2020 22:23

I was going to suggest down the pub but...

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By Justin Bryant
22nd Mar 2020 16:03

I expect reading economic reports by so-called experts will tell you as much as the bloke down the pub (probably less) .

Instead you should look what bearish people are doing with their money. Crispin Odey said today some shares are now looking attractively priced, so we are probably no more than 20% away from the bottom of the stock market crash (FTSE 100 unlikely to go much below 4,000 this year).

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By johnhemming
22nd Mar 2020 18:19

The loans are effectively running through QE. The grants and reductions in cash tax revenues will need funding through increased borrowing.

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