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Hi all

So, I have a document set up to mail merge when I do letters.  I have lots of fields, which fill in various things, but I seem to have zero control over what the fields show as before the merge. 

So for example, my address might say '1 City Street' for line 1, then <<Client_Second_Line_Address>> for the next line.  If I ALt+F9 they both show the correct fields and the merge works perfectly fine, but if I overtype the ‘1 City Street’ with, say, ‘Address line 1’ then save, close and reload, it is back to ‘1 City Street’.  Except when it isn’t, sometimes I do it and the change sticks.

I am very very confused… I’ve tried removing spaces, capitals, all sorts… sometimes it changes, sometimes not.  I just want my virgin document to look consistent!

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By tom123
01st Feb 2019 14:34

Is that because you are inserting an "address block" so word is expecting predetermined sort of data?

Nothing to stop you inserting separate fields on separate lines, which should then keep their names - presumably from column headers?

Not an expert - I have to do one mail merge letter a year to our staff, and I curse it each year - particularly formatting currency and percentages

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By SXGuy
01st Feb 2019 19:04

The whole point of mail merge fields is so you don't have to add manual data.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By Constantly Confused
07th Feb 2019 10:26

SXGuy wrote:

The whole point of mail merge fields is so you don't have to add manual data.

I know, can I ask what part of my question made you think otherwise?

For clarity, lots of people use the mail merge documents. I want to make it clear where the merge fields are, plus OCD, so I don't want parts of it filled in by a random client's data and parts not before the merge is even started. So I want to be able to label the blocks of text (like when you do hyperlinks, you can put a 100 character link there but tell Word to display "Click here").

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By SXGuy
01st Feb 2019 19:05

I use Microsoft works for mail merging. So much easier.

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