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Mailing list recommendations?

Mailing list recommendations?

I'm going to purchase mailing list records and am looking for recommendations. Has anyone used a particular supplier and what are your views on them? In particular has anyone used



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06th Jul 2011 16:31

Spam email ?

Suggest reading:

2nd Rule
Senders cannot send such messages unless they have your prior consent to do so.
This strict ‘opt-in’ rule is relaxed if three exemption criteria are satisfied.
These are:
1. your email address was collected ‘in the course of a sale or negotiations for a sale’;
2. the sender only sends promotional messages relating to their ‘similar products and services’; and
3. when your address was collected, you were given the opportunity to opt out (free of charge except for the cost of transmission) which you didn’t take. The opportunity to opt-out must be given with every subsequent message.
This rule only applies to unsolicited marketing messages sent by electronic mail to individual subscribers

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06th Jul 2011 17:42

Mailing lists

No list is perfect and I have spent many hours correcting spelling errors etc in ones that I've bought, but the errors are mainly introduced by badly spelt info at Co's House and yellow pages so it isn't the fault of the database compiler. I use the lists for sending letters, not emails, so don't know how good the email addresses are.

The best database for sending letters in the UK is Experian. They have both limited companies and sole traders. They get their data from Cos house and possibly yellow pages. Costs are reasonable - even though I hate paying for this stuff.  They seed the lists to ensure you don't keep using names without paying them a fee, but there are also names of people who ceased trading long ago that keep cropping up. For example someone I knew in business died 4 years ago - he was a one man band - and his name regularly appears on mailing lists even now.

Other database compilers seem prone to put the registered office address in the trading address field (Fame is one of these). Since so many companies' registered offices are those of their accountants, I personally wasted a lot of time compiling a database in the library before I discovered this problem. At least I didn't send out any letters or waste any money.

Whatever database you decide to use I would caution on buying a fairly small sample to begin with and go through all the data with a fine toothcomb, seeing just how useful it is to you. So much is down to the criteria you set to begin with and it's only with many years of experience that I know what type of companies I don't want.

Never just trust any list. Wade through it before paying out any more money on mailings etc.


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07th Jul 2011 10:14

Nothing is perfect

Have a look at because you can download small amounts of data.

Bob Harper

Portfolio Marketing for Accountants

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