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Mailshots for newly incorporated co's

Had any luck/best providers to use?

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I understand you can pay to be provided with a list of new companys (for marketing purposes) which have been set up in your local area to enable a mailshot. Firstly, has anyone had much luck with this approach and secondly who are the best people to use for this?

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By seandrowe
14th Aug 2020 09:50

Think there are better things to spend your time and money on. Most of these will just go to the accountants office, and straight in the bin. If they do need an accountant after forming the company then that means they have not taken any advice prior to incorporation, from experience clients falling into that category do not want to pay to advice, so only suitable if you have a low cost/minimal service business model.

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By bernard michael
14th Aug 2020 09:58

Every time I set up new company I get at least 6 letters from accountants and other people offering their services.

Do they work?? Yes if you run a recycling business

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By paul.benny
14th Aug 2020 10:43

Agree with Bernard Michael.

You *might* get some results if you are able to restrict your mailshot to local companies, possibly offering an initial free consultation.

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