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Making Tax Digital

I was under the impression that it was only businesses with turnovers of over £85K that needed to comply with the new MTD rules.  I receive the weekly publication called 'Money Week' and noticed that the 'tax tip of the week' in a recent edition states:-

'tax authority had set a date of 2020 by which it wanted to be intereactig digitally with all taxpayers. But HMRC has announced it is delaying its plans.  This delay will not affect landlords, the self-employed and parnerships who will still need to file records digitally and undate their accounting records with HMRC every three months.'

Is this really correct that landlords etc need to comply by 2020?  Is HMRC intending notifying landlords that this is coming up?


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27th May 2018 19:05

Postponed while they sort out Brexit. Apart from the 2019 tranche, all start dates are uncertain.

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27th May 2018 20:10

I'm getting a bit fed up with this whole thing.

Can we all start calling it by it's real name, "Making Tax More Difficult", please?

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