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Making Tax Digital bridging software for Applemacs

Does anyone know of any MTD bridging software that would work on a Mac?

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Hi all. One of my clients likes to submit his own VAT returns and has now been told he needs to register for MTD. I am in the process of doing this for him. Unfortunately he only used Applemacs for his business. I have asked Avalara if their software would work and they say no. Does anyone know of any, perferably free, MTD bridging software that would work on a Mac? Thanks.

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By daniel_
20th Nov 2019 09:57

If the client uses Microsoft Excel for Mac, they could use Vital Tax.

It's an add-in for excel and is free for a year then £1/month after. Have tested it and it works fairly well.

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By johnhemming
20th Nov 2019 11:41

Another alternative is

We have quite a few apple users because most systems cannot handle the apple operating system. We do have people who use Apple Numbers rather than Excel.

Any questions about this just email me at [email protected]

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By Charlie Carne
21st Nov 2019 10:23

The key question is what bookkeeping software is he using (if any). If he isn't using any or is just using Excel, I'd suggest that now is the perfect time to move him onto a good cloud platform, such as QuickBooks Online or Xero. He can use them as easily on a Mac as as PC, through whatever web browser he prefers and he will be fully MTD-compliant, have security over his data and make year-end accounts a breeze for you.

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Replying to charliecarne:
By pwhiteley
21st Nov 2019 12:19

This client is old school. All done on paper. I think it's time to bring him into the 21st century :)

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Replying to pwhiteley:
By Charlie Carne
21st Nov 2019 14:05

Definitely! If he is currently keeping paper records, he will need an entirely new system to comply with MTD. There is, therefore, no point moving him from 19th century tech (paper) to 20th century tech (desktop software). You can move him straight to 21st century tech (cloud) and bypass the last century altogether!

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By djbrown
21st Nov 2019 11:04

A client said the following to me:

"I use a Mac, rather than a PC. This app comes from the App store,. They don’t seem to have much of a presence on the internet, but this website might help:

There are these deets from the app store. "

I believe he uses a spreadsheet, so I pass this on, in case it is of use to anyone.

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21st Nov 2019 11:08

There is Simply Accounts Bridge which is an online app for all computers producing spreadsheets for MTD.

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