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Making tax digital for ITSA, by Rebecca Cave

Your questions answered Article in TAXATION supplement 9 Dec 2021

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Really superb article that clients should read

Devoid of opinion just the details as currently known


Well done Recbecca


Kicks the other MTD article in the main magazine straight out of the sportsdome

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By David Ex
12th Dec 2021 16:07

Not a subscriber sadly!

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By lionofludesch
12th Dec 2021 17:08

Stopped my subscription eighteen months ago.

A pity, as I would've got a warm glow from reading what I was missing.

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By TaxTeddy
13th Dec 2021 08:56

Does anyone have a link? If so we may be able to view using 12 Foot Ladder. See

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Replying to TaxTeddy:
By Paul Crowley
13th Dec 2021 09:08
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Head of woman
By Rebecca Cave
14th Dec 2021 08:17

Thanks! I do my best.

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