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Making Tax Digital - Partial Exemption!

How do you submit vat returns when partially exempt?

I work for an organisation that is culturally exempt and so when we do our vat returns usually we apply a method to calculate our partial exemption every quarter (as it can fluctuate quite a lot) and then input those figures onto HMRC's website.

With Making Tax Digital coming up in April we're about to upgrade our software (sage) to allow us to submit vat returns, however sage isn't currently set up for any kind of partial exemption calculation. Does anyone either have any advice as to another software that does, or advice on how to adjust the vat return on sage to allow for the correct partial exemption calculation to go through correctly?


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04th Dec 2018 17:06

The answer to all of these questions is the same.

Bridging software

This also avoids paying the *holes at $age any more money.

I would also hold your horses and wait and see what the exemptions might be, or indeed it its voluntary anyway.

Your first return cant be due until end of July.

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05th Dec 2018 08:46

It's one of the great unanswered questions at the moment, I'm afraid.

I'd definitely be delaying on this as long as I could and taking advantage of any relaxation for digital links. For the time being, I'd probably use a journal to make the input tax right. I might even claim exemption from MTD on the grounds that there's no decent software about yet.

For my money, Partial Exemption is one of the top three problems with MTD. Could even be the winner.

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