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Management Reporting - Any Answers

Management Reporting - Any Answers

How do I move to a new financial year in Sage Query?
Currency Adjustments
Departmental reporting in Sage
QuickBooks: should I use Classes or a separate company?
Sage Instant:: can I reinstate payroll data post y/e close?
Can I reinstate payroll data post y/e close?
Exporting from Sage Line 50 to Navision - anyone with exp?
How good is Project Costing in Sage?
Exporting Sage Aged Debtors report to Excel
Excel help please - imported file needs splitting up
VT Transaction: diff between Purchase Ledger balance and list of balances in P/Ledger
Sage: Aged Debtors
The ExcelZone Compendium Archive 1999-2007
Pivot Tables - removing empty rows
Excel Hyperlink to create a customer price list
Sage exported data v sage report totals do not agree
Calculating growth in pivot tables
Simple bookkeeping
Valuing stock at year end
Sage - online access
Simple Group Consolidation Tools
Advice on accounts department requirements
Excel - Import External Data – question re. Data Range Properties box
Help with choosing software!
Accounts Consolidation from remote sites
Sage Line 50 2007 - is the Report Designer working yet?
Do you budget at nominal code level?
% of ACCA members in public practice
Use of Home
Rugged Logic for financial modelling
Cumulative Totals in Pivot Tables for non-December year-ends
Accounting package for Ltd co charity with 10 funds
Any expert in Excel and QuickBooks?
Reporting Project P&Ls in Excel
How to combine three worksheets into one for a pivot table
Pivot Table; how do I calculate margin percentage?
Sage Departmental Excel Reporting
Projects and sales orders in Sage v 11 and 12
Should the Acid Test Ratio exclude WIP?
Sage Line 50 Departmental Reports- Help!
Live Cost of Sales

Want to learn about Excel pivot tables? Start here. By David Carter
Want to Learn about Excel Pivot Tables? Part 2. By David Carter
Tutorial: Budgeting with Pivot Tables #1 [Excel 2000 & 2003]
Tutorial:.... Budgeting with Pivot Tables #1 [Excel 5 to 97]
Tutorial: Budgeting with Pivot Tables #2 - report actuals against budget
Tutorial: Create a P & L from monthly balances with a pivot table
Tutorial: Modelling and What if? analysis with pivot tables
Tutorial: Analyse Sales and Margins with pivot tables [Excel 2000 & 2003]
Tutorial: ...Analyse Sales and Margins with pivot tables [Excel 5, 95 & 97]

ExcelZone's Five Minute Pivot Table Tips - Index
Pivot Tip 1 - First step, remove those subtotals. By David Carter
Pivot Tip 2 - How to analyse sales by month. By David Carter
Pivot Tip 3 - Create Page worksheets automatically
Pivot Tip 4 - Drill down on your data via Hide/Show Detail
Pivot Tip 5 - How to lay data totals side-by-side
Pivot Tip 6 - Use Formulas to create calculated fields. By David Carter
Pivot Tip 7 - Tips on formatting a pivot table
Pivot Tip 8 - How to Group dates manually
Pivot Tip 9 - When to use Max instead of Sum
Pivot Tip 10 - Tips on calculating monthly totals
Pivot Tip 11 - Use Top 10 to show best sellers, or maybe not
Pivot Tip 12 - Sort rows into the order you want
Pivot Tip 13 - Use Text to Columns to add extra fields
Pivot Tip 14 - Use Vlookup to add extra fields
Pivot Tip 15 - Working with Pivot Charts
Pivot Tip 16 - Exploring PivotChart options
Pivot Tip 17 - Use Subtotals to create detailed reports
Pivot Tip 18 - Date problem: 'Cannot group that selection'
Pivot Tip 19 - Correct Faulty Dates with Text to Columns
Pivot Tip 20 - Change the Range name to A:K if you intend to add more records
Pivot Tip 21 - Making pivot tables presentable for senior management
Pivot Tip 22 - Format drill-down worksheets with the Format Painter
Pivot Tip 23 – Create group totals via Formulas–Calculated Item. By David Carter
Pivot Tip 24 – How to analyse your sales by week
Pivot Tip 25 – How to analyse your sales by week
Pivot Tip 26 - How to analyse sales by financial year. By David Carter
Pivot Tip 27 - How to analyse sales between two dates. By David Carter
Pivot Tip 28 - Use Get External Data to refresh your reports automatically, By David Carter

Reporting Challenge: Resource planner outgrows Excel
Reporting Challenge Appendix: The Planner pivot table
Reporting Challenge 1: Produce a P&L from a TB with 15,000 accounts
Reporting Challenge 2: Build a P&L from 15,000 GL accounts
Pivot Table for Stock Control - how do I summarise In's and Out's?
Pivot tables and stock control
Pivot Tables and Stock Control
Can't get my pivot table to produce two Grand Totals
Getting near the 65,000 rows limit
Grouping dates in a forecast via a pivot table
Excel Pivot tables - defaulting to CountOf
Pivot table does Count instead of Sum.
Pivot Table - Auto Update of Data Table
Pivot table - combining multiple data sources
Select and Deselect in an Excel Pivot Table
PivotTable - deselecting items in a tick list
How to make formatting 'stick' in Excel pivot tables
How can I format drill-down worksheets?
Pivot Table with a separate page for each year
Can a macro change values in a Page field automatically?
Analysing imported data in Excel - need individual pages
How can I generate a new worksheet for each cost centre?
How do I print pivot table Pages automatically?
Pivot Tables - Values are still there after data has been deleted.
Deleted data keeps re-appearing in drop-down bars
Using Custom Sort on pivot table columns
Excel pivot table problem - can't Group dates
Can I customise the Sort order of fields in a pivot table?
How can I stop 'extras' in Pivot Tables appearing at the end?
How do you show empty columns in a pivot table?
How do I sum a count of items in a pivot table?
Getpivotdata function in Excel
Navigation tips for new look Excel pivot Drop Zone. By John Stokdyk

Consolidations with pivot tables - putting together a budget
Tutorial: Consolidating multiple worksheets in a Pivot Table. By David Carter
Can you consolidate several pivot tables into a summary table?
Consolidating P/T's - shows only one Row and one Column
Pivot table consolidation won't show all my columns

Using Excel's VLOOKUP function to add fields. By David Carter
Review: Monarch data extractor. By David Carter
One for the Excel experts - I need to switch from rows to columns
Excel - export tab separated list
Dates imported from Sage won't sort into date order
Excel import insists on re-formatting 001 to 1, 31/1 to Jan 31
Importing data into Excel - losing leading zeroes
Excel -How to convert text representing a negative value into a number.
.txt import problem - too large for 65k rows
Python for Windows and Excel
Importing data into Excel results in negative zeroes!
Can Excel be extended past 65k rows?
Is it possible to export 50 excel sheets to .csv in one pass?
Numbers appears as Text with OBDC link?
Microsoft Query - can anyone recommend a good manual?
Need to access file in Lotus 1-2-3 format
Excel and ODBC links to Sage Line 50
Extracting data via MS Query - Why does it Calculate?
Microsoft Query - how important is it, please?[2002]
Want users to type run-time variables into Excel rather than into Query
Tutorial: pulling Sage data into Excel via ODBC. By Peter Hool
Lloyds improves statement download facility
Tutorial: Using Excel with downloaded bank statements. By Simon Hurst
Removing Line Returns
Excel Column Widths when importing Sage
how to copy paste negative numbers of a different format into excel
Text to formula in Excel
Data imported was faulty - how to print a list of corrections?

A pain-free introduction to Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access uncovered - Simon Hurst tutorials
Tutorial: Build a trial balance in Microsoft Access
MS Access tutorial - create your own extended TB application
Create an ETB application in MS Access - Part 2. By Simon Hurst
Create an ETB application in Access - Part 3. By Simon Hurst
Create an ETB application in MS Access - Part 4
ProductivITy Kit: Unlock your data secrets with Access
ProductivITy Tip: Sorting by financial year in Access
Access for time recording
Personnel/ HR Systems in MS Access
Books for learning MS Access
ms access courses
MS Access
MS Access
Sharing data tables from a server location in Access
Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, or C# ?
Need to sum a calculated field in Access
MS Access - Print Area -Shrink To Fit
RunCommand problem in Access
Access Pivot Table Shrink to Fit
Chaining queries in Access
Access and labels
parameter problem in Access
Access 2000, Help Please: Query based on criteria
Access database too large? "illegal argument" message
Access Problem with imported data and form wizard
dBase/Foxplus replacement
Access: conditionally print word report
Do applications written in Access need Access installed?
MS Access Subform- filtered account detail
Microsoft Access data problems
Hyperlink from Access & Excel to received emails in Outlook
Need an accounts package written in MS access
Pie-charts on Access Reports
Drawing charts in Access?
MS Access developer expertise required

Crystal Parameter problem
Crystal Reports training

Is OpenOffice a viable alternative to Excel? By John Stokdyk
Open Office - free alternative to Microsoft Office
OpenOffice Text to Columns
Anyone out there using Open Office?

Software Review: Sage Intelligent Reporting for Line 50. By John Stokdyk and David Carter
Software Q&A: Sage launches Intelligent Reporting for Line 50 - Brendan Flattery
Pegasus tempts Sage Line 50 users with Excel reporter
Exporting Data from Sage Line 50 screens into Excel. By David Carter
Export Sage Line 50 data to Excel using Search
Tutorial: Sage Line 50 and Pivot Tables [2000]
Exporting data from Sage Line 50 into Excel #1. By David Carter
Exporting data from Sage Line 50 into Excel #2. By David Carter
Exporting Sage data #3 - building a P&L in Excel. By David Carter
Tutorial: Export Sage data to Excel via the Report Wizard. By David Carter [2002]
Getting to grips with the Sage Report Designer #1. By David Carter
Getting to grips with the Sage Report Designer #2. By David Carter
Any Sage Line 50 Report Designer experts out there?
QuickBooks - Tips and Queries. By David Carter
Sage Line 50 - Tips and Queries #2
Sage Line 50 - Tips and Queries #1
How good are Sage Job Costing & Sage Construct?
Departmental Reporting from SAGE
Departmental Trading P&L accounts in Sage
Departmental Balances - Line 50
Anyone know of any way of budgeting by Departments on Sage [2001]
Review: New project costing features in version 11 of Line 50. By David Carter
Sage v11 Project Costing
Line 50 Job Costing - anyone else have these problems?
Job Costing and Sage for a shopfitting business
Sage - can it track individual jobs? [2002]
Integrated Reporting in v 11 - can't run a query with different criteria
Importing data from Sage Instant
Exporting/Importing Sage invoices
Can Line 50 version 5.02 export to Excel?
Export/Import of Sage invoice records
Can you export departmental TB's from Sage to Excel via ODBC?
How do I upload budgets from Excel into Sage?
Can I export from Sage into QBooks?
Can Sage line 50 export data in ms-access 2000
Sage - set up Excel Links via ODBC and Query [2001]
Can you produce 4-weekly mgmt reports in Sage Line 50
Sage Line 50 Aged Debtors report - want to split by account manager
Want to use a Pivot Table to report on Sage Line 50
Pivot tables and sage
Need help exporting data from Sage into an Excel pivot table
Sage Line 50 - Uploading Budgets
Sage Trial Balance - Fixed Assets have disppeared
Can I generate a single sheet month by month P&L in Sage?
Sage Reports - No Totals!
Sage - TB for period 13
Sage line 50 TB's for club with multiple income streams
File - Send to Excel in Sage: Excel experts needed urgently
Sage Age Debtors - how to remove zero balances?
Sage invoice overwrites my headed paper
How can I change headings in the Sage Profit and Loss Report?
How do I report cash flow in a P&L format from Sage Line 50?
How can I make the Sage fonts bigger?
Need help to set up Financial Statements in Line 100
Sage - layout of P&L and B/S
Aaargh! Sage Line 50 - statements

Excel stacked bar charts using 2 axes
Opinion: How good is QuickBooks at Job Costing?
QuickBooks and Job Costing - Tips and Tutorial
Job costing in Quickbooks - problem with Journals
Quickbooks - list of invoices doesn't show VAT
Quickbooks question relating to items, and possibly an Excel export question
Supplier report showing net turnover in Quickbooks - possible?
How do you produce a sales invoice daybook in QuickBooks?
Quick books sales day book report?
Can you get a reliable daybook out of QuickBooks?
Quick Books report - cannot include data from custom-defined fields
QuickBooks - Tips and queries #1
QuickBooks - Tips and Queries #2
QuickBooks - Tips and Queries #3
Vlookup not working - data format problem


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By squay
06th Mar 2000 19:27

Digita Tax Software
I have used Digita's Taxability Pro for some years now with a client licence of up to 75. As you will notice I too have a small dedicated client base. The product is good, continually under development with excellent telephone support. With your mandatory annual support licence you also get free upgrades as they become available. I have used the ELS module for last two years successfully without problems. I can recommend this product and company wholeheartedly for their professional approach and the software is easy to use.

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By chas01
03rd Mar 2000 11:49

I have used PTP for 4 years and one year with ELS.

Very easy to use and very impressive when you have the clients see you press the button to send off their returns and get a refund within one week.

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By Anonymous
02nd Mar 2000 09:29

Tax Return Software
I currently use PTP, and have had very few problems. However, there are a variety of products out there and you should first decide exactly what you want the product to do and the level of expertise required to use the software before buying. Best way is to get demo disks and have a look at them all before deciding!

Hope this helps.


Ian McTernan ([email protected])

Thanks (0)
01st Mar 2000 20:40

PTP tax software
We prepared over 300 tax returns with PTP and no problems. Have been using them since 1997 and no problems.
Straight-forward and does the job.

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By admin
01st Mar 2000 22:03

Like you we are a small practice. We use Hartley and have been using Digita for two years without a problem. Their updates are trouble free and each time add to an already great product.

My colleague who works on the tax side of the product says that it is the best program she has ever used. I endorse this.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

Thanks (0)
By Anonymous
10th Jun 2010 18:02

A Management Reporting Alternative
A Business Reporting Alternative


Crystal Reports and Cognos are some of the most popular and widely used reporting solutions in the world. Yet why are so many people frustrated with them?

To answer this question you must first understand that there are two types of Business Intelligence reporting users: casual users and power users. Casual users, which typically make up 80% or more of the people in an organization, include executives, managers, staff, and business analysts. Power users, making up less than 20%, include IT developers, super users, and analytical modelers

Power users have no problem working with Crystal Reports or Cognos because they understand database design, structures, relationships, joins, and SQL commands. To a casual user, on the other hand, this is all Greek to them. This is where the first point of frustration comes in: casual users don’t have the time to learn Crystal Reports or Cognos nor do they want to become programmers.

So now the casual user must go to the power users to get the reports they want. This creates a second point of frustration: the “IT Bottleneck”.

The IT department is already overloaded with installing upgrades and patches, dealing with hardware issues, network support, software development, bug fixes, and more. Writing end-user ad-hoc reports is the lowest priority. The casual users can’t get what they want when they want it.

Stonefield Query: the BI reporting alternative

Stonefield Query is designed specifically for the casual user. It gives them the ability to create their own ad-hoc queries and reports, production reports, and parameterized reports from scratch without needing to know anything about programming.

Stonefield Query lets you produce row and column reports, cross-tab reports, charts/graphs, labels, etc. It works with virtually any database including: Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySql, Sybase, Pervasive, and more. It also comes with built-in scheduling. Stonefield Query can even run Crystal Reports.

Bottom line: give a casual user a BI tool designed for them.

Visit our website for a free 30 day trial.

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