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Manchester Expat Team – 3 digit code

Manchester Expat Team – 3 digit code

I have a self assessment tax return reminder for a client from the Manchester Expat Team.  Does anybody know the 3 digit code for this tax office?

It shares the same address as the Chapel Wharf Tax office so I’m tempted to use the code for that office. However, the three digits above the addressee’s name and address, and the first three digits of the employer’s reference are 846 i.e. the Lothian Office.
HMRC refuse to give me an answer as there’s no 64-8 in place even though it’s a general question rather than specific to my client.
Grateful for any help.


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By Anonymous
21st Jan 2010 19:17

More Changes

Use what is on the letter as Ex Pat work was reorganised and now transcends the "traditional" districts. There new fangled system also allows them to use records anywhere. Hope you get this.

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