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Manpower needed for short-term bookkeeping exercis

2-3 months' backlog needs to be updated ASAP

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Hi all,

I have a bookkeeping job which needs focused resource over the next week or two in bringing accounting records up-to-date, with records from November(ish) to present to be updated:

  • Customer invoices
  • Bank receipts matched to invoices
  • Correction of any associated errors from previous months
  • An end-to-end sales ledger only job, if you will

The scenario is a not-for-profit online-only academy, with over 100 registered students. Each student has an allocated annual fee - most are payable termly (three instalments across the year), some are payable monthly.

The backlog has arisen due to the existing bookkeeper's personal circumstances. In addition, the student list on the bookkeeping system - as of today - does not fully match the live student list held by the operations - as of today. Reconciling this discrepancy will be the starting point for the exercise, followed then by the bookkeeping corrections/updates.

I myself have neither the capacity nor resource to do this, and therefore the opportunity has arisen for somone to take this on and bring it fully up-to-date.

If anyone interested and capable, please PM me.


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By pauld
12th Jan 2021 15:39

Hmm sounds lucrative and fun....................................

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By spilly
12th Jan 2021 18:36

Would you not be better off posting this on a bookkeeping forum?

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