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Marriage Allowance Application

Has the application process changed?

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I have done numerous applications for marriage allowance transfer online.  However today when I tried to do one before it got to the security questions it came up asking to login in to the Government gateway which you can't get past using your agent credentials.  Does this now mean that clients have to do this themselves and have to set up their own Government gateway?

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By Duggimon
06th May 2020 15:55

You have been pretending to be your clients and HMRC are asking you to stop doing so by making it more difficult.

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By Ian Hodges
10th Nov 2020 00:07

It can be a frustratingly difficult allowance to claim , even more so now that it directs us to a Gateway/ personal tax account login /set up in order to proceed.
Many claimants are elderly couples, a significant number of whom in my experience do not use or even own a computer. (but many do of course , for the record)
In the past , (pre covid ) it was possible to meet with the client with a laptop, filling the claim in with them in attendance , just like we would have done with a paper form , and let the client hit the "send " button to approve and send it on its way . We are not pretending to be anyone , we are helping them as advisers . But with a personal tax account now required we can't get involved as agents in setting these up for clients .
Marriage allowance can be claimed by phone , but in my experience clients expect to pay us to sort out their tax and don't want to be put in the front line phoning HMRC directly , hanging on hold for ages , to claim a tax allowance .
I do see that HMRC say marriage allowance can be claimed by writing to HMRC , so in my case, I can envisage myself drafting up a claim letter , getting the clients to sign it and post it off to HMRC , which seems the easiest way now , which is a pretty sad state of affairs with the technology we now have , that we are regressing backwards to printing and posting letters .
Has anyone had any success or problems with applying in writing ?

I see there are companies out there specialising just in processing Marriage Allowance claims and taking a % fee for doing so, I wonder how they get round the electronic barriers , and I guess they are doing these by post ?

any thoughts welcome . thank you

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Replying to Ian Hodges:
By bettybobbymeggie
10th Nov 2020 09:34

Ian Hodges wrote:
I can envisage myself drafting up a claim letter , getting the clients to sign it and post it off to HMRC

This is what I have been doing since they changed the process to insist on a Gvt Gateway account. Another example of HM Gvt rollercoasting their digital revolution and ignoring the digitally excluded.

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