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Marriage allowance claimable by letter ?

Can marriage allowance be claimed by post ?

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I have recently taken on new clients and have identified a claim for surrender of marriage allowance 10% of the PA from the non taxpayer to the BR taxpayer for 4 years . very straightforward case. 

Has anyone successfully done this by post ?   It looks like it may be possible where HMRC suggest a taxpayer can write in to claim it, but doesnt seem widely publicised .

Clients are elderly, do not have a computer nor have any desire to learn how to use one , and would like us as their agents to handle the claim .  I therefore can't get them to set up a Government Gateway personal tax account, and neither do I wish to  put them through the stress of making a phone call to HMRC to try and claim it themselves . I cant even meet the client to sit with them on a call to HMRC ,due to social distancing . 

As I see it, the easy way would be to get a claim letter drawn up, get them both to sign it , and post it off to HMRC .

Has anyone successfully done it by post ?  



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By tltodman
10th Nov 2020 21:54

I have. I phoned the agent helpline and was told that a letter was the only way to do it. Didn't have previous years to claim but it worked for the year I needed and then once in place it stays there

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By John Stone
11th Nov 2020 08:20

I did several by letter some years ago. Most usual situation - wife (not my client) surrendering allowance to my self employed client. Drafted a letter for wife to send to HMRC on her own account giving husbands tax ref etc. as well as her own details, date of marriage etc. Bit of a palava but once done - stays in place.

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