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Maximising My CPD Time

Need advice on how to identify best UK Financial Accounting Courses/Articles/Events for CPD

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Hi all,

Any advice, greatly appreciated.

I'm a ACMA qualified accountant for over 12 years and recently moved jobs. My previous company had an accreditation that meant no formal CPD was required however the new one isn't accredited. My roles have always been very commercial (management account preparations, quarterly internal controls) and I feel a strong need to refresh and expand my financial accounting knowledge in particular and would really welcome any recommendations of useful articles, courses, events that people have attended in 2018. Even if you have recommendations. for CPD that are not specifically related to financial accounting, I would be interested in how people are using their CPD. Also my company has limited budget - so any cheaper options that people have found useful would be interesting to know about.

To expand on my circumstances, it would be useful to understand if there are other people out there who have fallen slightly behind in terms of their overall financial accounting knowledge and how they cope. For me, this is as a result of working in commercial pricing / management accountant analysis roles that did not require me to employ all the textbook knowledge learnt from their days at CIMA. When in doubt, we had US GAAP and tax experts at my old company and I certainly have a slight level of fear and anxiety around this gap and definitely need to address it. I would like to become a more rounded accountant as feel if I dont address this now - it will prevent me succeeding in my career. 

Thanks in advance for any help!!!


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By Moonbeam
11th Nov 2018 15:07

I use SWAT, providing a truly excellent service. It has recently merged with Mercia, and in a few years time there will be only one or two huge companies offering CPD. I don't have time to attend physical courses, so have the firm wide offering of webinars that I can view any time of the night/day. For just me that costs £35 a month. Sadly, I'm expecting a price hike from Jan, due to the Mercia merge. I think what I pay at the moment is a snip for what I get.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By Sperethiel
30th Nov 2018 09:56

And Mercia is now part of Wilmington plc

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By Michaelaizquierdo
15th Nov 2018 12:31

Other options, MBL have a wide range of webinars available, and you can subscribe to a membership giving reduced pricing to individual webinars.

I recently attended an ICAEW Academy course which was a refresher in FRS 102 which was pricey, but actually I found it really useful.

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By Alf
30th Nov 2018 09:11

I don't like webinars as, if I don't physically leave the office, I find it difficult stop working and/or not be disturbed.
I use at around £50 for half day course.

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