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Meaningful Company Credit Checks

Meaningful Company Credit Checks

Just looking for a quick straw poll on who others might use for a meaningful company credit check?  There are so many out there at such varying prices I just wondered if anyone can recommend one?


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By Anonymous
15th Mar 2010 12:53


I have previously used Creditsafe (http://www1.creditsafeuk.com/?sid=1729) but they require an annual subscription.  You can use this track a company's creditworthiness too.

If you want to do one off checks for a flat fee try Veriphy (http://www.veriphy.co.uk/).

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15th Mar 2010 13:30

Yes, Creditsafe

We have used Creditsafe UK in the past and the information they provide is quite comprehensive albeit, as I suppose it has to be, it is largely based on historical information.

It used to be the case but not necessarily still true that...

If you register an interest with them but don't sign up straight away they will contact you regularly after this offering better discounts, to a point, with each call.

We cancelled our subscription purely because we no longer had any need for it.  The downside after this is that you get regular sales calls (the frequency of which does decrease over time) offering you  'fantastic deals' etc, but obviously you can just say no.

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08th Jul 2013 10:47

company credit check

At our company we use www.ukcreditinfo.co.uk only, as the report generated by them is very comprehensive and error free, and the work out to be cheapest than all other companies out there. They have many types of subscription matching almost everyone's need like pay as you go, one time payment for 10 or 20 reports or monthly or yearly packages.. 

have a look at the below link, describing the packages



hope it will help! 

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