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Meghan's baby

US tax - is it a Royal Concern?

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07th May 2019 10:12

More importantly ....are we??

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07th May 2019 10:58

Why should the Queen be concerned in the slightest about the tax status of her great grandson?

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to Wilson Philips
07th May 2019 10:54

Great Grandson.

But frankly I do not care, I have enough difficulty enthusing about my family having babies (I am a great uncle-three times now) much less someone else's.

Whilst my wife seems to think such small creatures are fascinating (knitting needles get broken out and go into overdrive) my interest only tends to pick up when they can build a Duplo railway and township or work a Meccano spanner; they frankly get more interesting once Lego is not for eating.

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07th May 2019 10:58

Weird - I'm sure that I typed "great". Now corrected in any event.

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07th May 2019 11:02

Frankly, I'm amazed anyone gives a monkey's. There are plenty of couples have had babies without any hoo haa outside of family and close circle of friends, so why should 6 pages of my morning paper be taken up with this one, relegating actual news to the centre pages?

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