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Merchant card services

Any suggestions

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I've been asked by a client if I can recommend a merchant services provider. They take a lot of international payments, and are finding that Worldpay are becoming a bit pricey.

I'm thinking First Data and Barclays for starters. Any other suggestions?

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
02nd Nov 2019 18:11

Micky from my networking group does some cracking deals

They can now do next day clearence which is pretty good.

Some of the modern are good in that they work with Xero but are often expensive when you start to do volume

Elevon are also quite cheap

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By The Accountant
04th Nov 2019 14:40

I would also recommend Stripe. Our clients use it happily.

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By MarinaL
07th Nov 2019 10:38

I use Stripe as it integrates with Xero and I rarely do face-to-face card transactions

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By BirdnCo
07th Nov 2019 10:44

We had used Worldpay for many years and like above told them we were leaving and negotiated a better price. We also shopped around and found Cardsaver Services run by AIB to be the most flexible and better costs.

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
07th Nov 2019 20:51

I like Elavon for the ease of use website and the amount of sensible data that's downloadable. FDMS by comparison are still in the 1990's (e.g. it has taken then 9 months and counting to update the initial login screen - we have had to login twice for 4 months!)

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By tracey2412
08th Nov 2019 19:03

I stand to be corrected but I believe that GoCardless also now can take international payments - it is direct debit but can be for one-off or irregular & variable amounts as well as regular recurring amounts.

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