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Merchant Seaman and CGT

Is PPR available ?

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New client was a merchant seaman engineer in 4 years from 2009. In 2008 he inherited his mother's house jointly with his sister and moved into it with her. They have now sold the house. My question is was he entitled to PPR for the years 2009 -2013. He estimates he was physically in the house for a total of only 5 months in that period and away at sea for the rest of the time. He had no other property then and the house was not let out at any time

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By Tim Vane
10th Dec 2018 15:14

Surely it depends on whether his work as a merchant seaman was as an employee or self-employed? If an employee then he surely has full claim to PPR. If self-employed then it will depend on dates and timings.

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By bernard michael
10th Dec 2018 15:33

He says he was an employee. However aren't their employment contracts on a journey/cargo basis ?

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