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Merlin Software

Anybody clients use this?

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Is anyone familiar with this software.

I have a client who started using this without telling us in advance and its a bit of a nightmare. 

Seems great for stock control and sales invoicing but no bank reconciliations and Aged Debtors/Creditors Reports not agreeing to Trial Balance amongst other things.  So wondered if this was a general problem or a client input problem.

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By Paul Crowley
26th Oct 2021 15:03

Evopos is similar
By that I mean it does great stock stuff for clients but no use whatsover as financial record keeping
Had 3 separate clients use it
Each time ended up using bank statements
One of the clients had the software help come out for a complete day
Supposedly made it not worse, so I was informed. I saw it was different, but still was no use.

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By Hugo Fair
26th Oct 2021 16:30

First things first ... which Merlin Software? Google returns results that veer from "the best project management software available today" to "Web-based vacation ownership software with marketing management, sales processing, accounting, and reservation management modules" - oh and "a retail management and POS solution designed for small and medium businesses".

I'm guessing that it's the last of those in the case of your client ... but the common factor is that they are all specialist applications AND are not accounting systems.

So have they realised that they (or you) still need software for accounting purposes? And is it worth trying to effect an interface, or is the base data in Merlin insufficiently robust to be of use (so you really have a stand-alone book-keeping requirement)?

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
26th Oct 2021 17:55

There’s so many like this … I had a couple of construction clients use SIMPro a few years ago which was excellent for sales invoicing & retentions and deductions, but the integration into Xero was horrendous when a factoring account was used. After running and struggling with the integration for months and months, we had to break the link and basically Delete everything that had been exported and start again.

Just seen a SIMPro billboard advert, so be warned when a client turns up with this …

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